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2020 Ordinances

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) Overlay District may be initiated by the Village Board, Village Planning Commission

Amending code of ordinances pertaining to Sheds

Amending code of ordinances pertaining to large accessory structures in single-family residential districts

Amending code of ordinances pertaining to standing committees

Amending code of ordinances pertaining to water rates

Amending code of ordinances pertaining to authority over issuing operator licenses

Repealing Section 522 Chapter 11 pertaining to Arborist's License and Bond

Amending code of ordinances pertaining to combining the Tree Board with the Public Works and Utilities Committee

2019 Ordinances

Pertaining to no parking areas withing the village

Pertaining to number of allowed accessory structures with the village

Pertaining to Accessory uses, Buildings or Structures

Amending Ordinance Pertaining to Fences

Accessory Buildings on Corner Lots

Restrictions on temporary fermented malt beverage or wine licenses

Mobile Tower Siting Permit Ordinance

The Village Board desires to exclude pole buildings from the definition and restrictions of “Garages and sheds

2018 Ordinances

Amending Zoning Code by rezoning 230 N Milwaukee Street From RS-2  to RS-3

Ordinance Creating Section 10-1-27 (a)(19) pertaining to no parking areas within the village

Repealing and amending village code pertaining to Parking areas with the village

Repealing Section 14 Chapter 2 pertaining to fire facilities impact fees.

Pertaining to construction or repair of buildings on Saturday

Allowing modifications to lots abutting Lots with a differnt zoning

2014 Ordinances

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