Village Policy on Filling Swimming Pools

It is the Village’s policy to not fill swimming pools. The reasons for this policy are listed below:


  1. The Department of Public Works only has a limited supply and length of fire hose or garden hose and cannot reach most back yards from the nearest hydrant.

  2. Filling a pool requires the Village to expend time to flush the hydrant, connect hose, roll up the hose, connect a hydrant meter, record and bill the water usage, and monitor the filling. The Village does not have the manpower to complete these tasks (especially since this is usually a summer activity when staff commonly requests vacation).

  3. Depending on the neighborhood, running a fire hose for the length of time to fill a pool (an hour or more typically) would decrease the pressure to the neighbors for that amount of time to a level below normally acceptable pressure.

  4. The Fire Department does not have the staff or time to perform this function.


Adopted by the village board 8/5/2021