Industrial Park Environmental Contamination

Some of you may have noticed or be aware of environmental contamination in the Industrial Park. The contamination (tricholoethene) commonly referred to as TCE was caused by the old HVC, Inc operation.  The property was acquired by Phillips-Medisize who found the contamination. Phillips-Medisize began clean up of the contamination in 2010. Additional investigation in 2017 indicated that the TCE contamination was more extensive than originally determined. A current map of the plume is shown in the link below.

Phillips-Medisize will install 3 carbon barriers across the plume in the locations shown to remove the TCE. These will act similar to a carbon filter in your water system.  They will also install a half dozen or so more barriers on the old HVC property to remove the TCE at the source. This technology is designed to bring the TCE to acceptable levels as determined by the EPA and the DNR in approximately 3 years and to substantially remove the TCE within 7 years.

Those who are impacted by the TCE have been contacted by Phillips-Medisize or their representative. For more information, the contact information for Phillips-Medisize, the DNR, and Phillips-Medisize’s consultant are shown below. If you are interested in reading the full report of the design a copy is available at the Village office.


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